4 Reasons Why Designers Use Prefab Quartzite Countertops in the Kitchen

Prefab Quartzite countertops are popular among homeowners. Designers and homeowners often choose it because the material is harder and more resistant to stains than granite. This material is also aesthetic enough because the design looks like marble. Here are other reasons why you should consider prefab quartzite countertops to remodel a kitchen.

More Durable and Harder Than Granite

According to the hardness score, quartzite is 7 whereas granite is only 6. It means that quartzite is more durable than granite. Indeed, it is even harder than glass material which is only 5 in the hardness score.

Ensure that you get an original quartzite before applying it to your countertop. Try to scratch a glass tile with quartzite. You get an original material when seeing deep scratches on the glass surface. This countertop material is also durable enough to heat, so it is okay if you put hot meals on top of it. This material is also porous, although it is less porous than granite.

Etching Resistant

Prefab quartzite countertops are also etching resistant. Etch is a sign on the surface of the material caused by the corrosive process. It often appears when the material gets direct contact with acidic materials, such as lemon juice or vinegar.

Etches can reduce your countertop aesthetic model. Incredibly, you will not see stains around the quartzite countertop surface even after leaving the acidic materials for a few hours. Indeed, a prefab quartzite countertop is more etching resistant compared to marble.

Easy to Maintain

Quartzite countertops are also a good alternative for those who are looking for a countertop that is easy to maintain. For a regular treatment, you only have to wipe the surface with a soft towel. Ensure that you get rid of spills as soon as possible, although it may not affect the countertop. After all, this material also has some level of porosity just like any other natural stone.

You can also clean this countertop with soap, but ensure that you are using a mild or pH-balanced soap. Never use abrasive cleaners on this countertop. Use a mat, trivet, or coaster when placing hot pans or mugs on the countertop. It is a good idea to keep your quartzite countertop last longer.

It Has a Variety of Colors

Prefab quartzite countertops are unique with their colorful pigments. Because of that, you can get a variety of colors for your countertop. As a result, it will be easy for you to mix and match the prefab quartzite countertop with the theme of your kitchen.