Things You Can Do Before Calling a Professional Débouchage Tubize Service

Clogged pipes are a serious problem at home. You should call a Débouchage Tubize service to solve this problem immediately. Before that, you can limit the risks of clogged pipes and do some basic tricks to unclog the pipes. Check the details below.

Limit the Risks of Clogged Pipes

Ensure that you place a filter or grid at the level of the drain in the kitchen. This tool helps to prevent food scraps and small waste from entering the pipe while flowing the water. Food scraps and small waste can be one of the causes of clogged pipes.

Don’t forget to remove leftover food from the sink and put it in the trash. Ensure that the sink is always clean from the leftover food after washing all the dishes. Pour hot water for clean greasy or oily dishes if it is necessary. Remove hair from the bathtub or shower before draining the water in the bathroom. Placing a trash box in the toilet is a good idea, so anyone can throw away diapers, wipes, sanitary napkins, or tampons there.

Basic Tricks to Prevent Clogged Pipes

Before calling the Débouchage Tubize service, you can also do several basic tricks to prevent clogged pipes. Here are some tricks you can do.

Use an Unclogging Plunger

Fill the toilet with water. Ensure that the water covers the suction cup on the drain. Try to release the clog by creating up and down movements to produce an air inlet. Slowly but surely, the materials that clog the pipes may get through it.

Use a Domestic Ferret

You can also remove the material that clogs in the pipes by using a long metal rod ends in a brush. Turn the ferret on itself to get rid of the clogging material once you feel the resistance.

Use Non-Toxic Ingredients

Check your kitchen and find 100 grams of salt, 100 grams of baking soda, and 100 grams of white vinegar. Mix these three ingredients and pour them into the clogged drain. Leave the clogged drain for a few hours or overnight. Pouring a few liters of boiling water down the drain. This trick may solve the clogged drain system.

The most important thing is that you know a Débouchage Tubize service is ready to help you to fix clogged drain systems. Call the team immediately if the basic tricks above can’t handle the clog anymore. Then, follow their advice about the way to maintain the drain system to prevent the same problem.