5 Services gerrysroofing.ca Can Handle to Make Your House More Pleasant and Fresher

Gerrysroofing.ca has offered roofing services for more than 40 years in Burlington, Alton Village, Dynes, Headon Forest, and other areas. One of the reasons why homeowners prefer to hire this company is because of its various services. The following information will explain the services you can use when hiring Gerry’s Roofing.


Their professional team is ready to install a new roof and maintain it. You can also call them if you want to replace the old roof with a new one. The roofing services by Gerry’s Roofing include fixing the asphalt shingles, leaks, storm damage, soffit problems, fascia problems, and many more.

They will come to your address and examine the roof to know the issue. Then, they give you the details and the solutions you can do. Choose the best solution you want and the team will finish it immediately.

EuroShield Rubber Roofing

Do you want to replace your old-fashioned roof with the most modern roof system? If so, the euro shield rubber roof is the answer. This new roof system is more stylish, beautiful, and durable compared to other traditional roof systems.

Indeed, it needs an experienced team to install this roof so you can feel the maximum benefits. With more than 40 years of experience, gerrysroofing.ca keeps updating its knowledge and skills to fill the needs of its clients. That’s why this roofing company is ready to help you to install a euro shield rubber roofing system and maintain it regularly.


Besides installing, maintaining, and fixing roofs, you can also call this company dealing with siding. They offer a variety of sidings, such as insulating, vinyl, specialty, aluminum, steel, and even fiber cement.

You only have to consult the siding you need and let the team do the rest. A better siding system means a lot to a house. It helps control energy usage, prevents leakage, and controls the temperature.


Skylight is popular nowadays because it helps to limit the use of electrical power due to the abundant amount of natural light a building gets. At the same time, you will also get outstanding scenery to enjoy while relaxing in your favorite spots at home. Installing and maintaining a skylight can be daunting except if you hire a professional roofing company. Gerry’s Roofing Company also prepares a team to handle any skylight project.


Replacing the old-fashioned windows with new ones is one of the simple ways to refresh your house. Calling an expert roofing company, such as gerrysroofing.ca will make the process faster and easier, along with a satisfactory result.