Tips for Moving Your Antique Items with

Are you planning to move to a new place? You can always count on This company has everything that you need. You get professional movers, the best service, and the most affordable price. However, little that people know this company also provides an antique moving service. This service will help you to move your valuable collection to a new place safely. If you want to use this service, here are some tips that you should know first.

Create a List of the Items the You Move

Even though this company provides insurance for their service, for safety, you need to make a list of the antique items you want to move. The list should include all items with detailed information about that, including the shape, color, condition, and many more. This list will help you to track and check whether the items they deliver are safely arrived at the destination without experiencing any change or damage.

Get the Insurance

The moving service already offers insurance. However, it is not wrong to get extra insurance for each of your antique items. More protection like this will give you a relaxed mind while waiting for your antique to be delivered to your new address.

Get the Best Packing Materials

You may have to spend extra money to get the best and safest packing materials. But, it is necessary for your valuable items. The packing materials will protect the items during the moving trip. has the best service for this. So, do not hesitate to ask them for extra packing protection for your items. You won’t regret this decision.

Clean the Items Thoroughly First

Before packing the items, clean it from stain or dust. The dust might seem harmless. But, if you wrap the antique with the packing and then move it, the dust can accumulate in one spot and scratch the surface of the items. So, clean it to prevent that from happening.

Put the Label

Make sure you put the label on the package. It is necessary so the mover knows what they should do with that package. Some of the labels you should use are “Fragile”, “This Side Up”, “Unload First”, and “Do Not Stack on This Box.” These labels give extra protection and prevent any unwanted accident during the moving trip. As the movers from have no right to check what is inside the package, this label will help them to treat it correctly. So, are you ready to move your antique items?