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Woops… better put her on ICE…

So there you are, running Customs and Immigration for the Massachusetts region. You oversee operations to protect the ports, airports, etc., from illegal trafficing, smuggling, and an influx of illegal immigration.

Hey, I have an idea — wouldn’t you be perfectly placed to find and hire people to work for you, real cheap? You could even give them sound advice on how to avoid being apprehended by … people like you!

Sounds like a plan to me…

Homeland Security Official Hires Illegal Immigrants

Fri, 12/05/2008 – 15:21 — Judicial Watch Blog

A high-ranking Homeland Security official, who oversees a large division responsible for preventing illegal immigrants from entering the U.S., has been arrested and charged with hiring them as domestic workers.

For years, the Massachusetts regional director of Customs and Border Protection (Lorraine Henderson) paid illegal immigrants cash to clean her house and she even coached them on how to avoid deportation.

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Here we go, folks

Not one week after his winning the Electoral College, Barack Obama is being “called upon” to stop raids on illegals, and make them legal citizens.

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U.S. Broke Law By Allowing Illegals to Break the Law

Thereby absolving illegals of their illegality. I think or something.

See this World Class Idiot bloviating to the Mexican Congress here

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