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Prop 8: Damn those damned Mormons!!!!1!

How dare they actually believe in their religion? That pesky Bill of Rights needs to be canceled, right now!

Proponents of Gay Marriage have set upon a singular target for their post-election angst: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These folks have the temerity (along with what, 70% of black voters), to actually vote the way their conscience dictates.

I for one could give a hoot about who you want to “love”. That’s your personal, private business. But this all boils down to a word: Marriage. California allows “civil unions”; I’m all in favor of that. The Law itself allows anyone to enter into any kind of contract you might conjure up.

To a lot of people (including such nobodies as our Founding Fathers), marriage has a specific meaning — a basic, God-given covenent between one man and one woman to found a family that is the basic foundation of civilization.

Why would people want to take away the “specialness” of such an institution?  Can you imagine the lawsuits that would issue forth restricting religious liberty (there I go again with that pesky Bill of Rights).

Catholic Churches refusing to marry two women? Why, they ought to lose their tax-exemptions!!!1!

Mormons, who believe that homosexuality is (gasp!) a sin, if actually committed? They would be hauled up before the secular courts for denying “marriage” — even Temple marriage, which is restricted even for members. (BTW has anyone actually looked at the numbers of LDS in California? Guess what, it’s far larger than you might otherwise surmise — and it’s far more prosperous than you might also otherwise assume.)

Anyhow, I could go on and on. And perhaps I will.

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