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Blogging about your crimes

isn’t the swiftest way to conduct yourself. Especially if you’re not anonymous, and you’re bragging about taking advantage of hurricane relief that you don’t actually need.

As pointed out by Rhymes with Right, this bonehead is now suspended (with pay, of course) from her teaching job after bragging about how she was scoring big off the taxpayers in more ways than just being part of The State Education Monopoly.

In what Steinhauer described as a diary, titled “The Secret Life of an Uninteresting Teacher,” she writes about her love of MREs, her habit of hitting up more than one Place Of Distribution (POD) in trips between Baytown and her Deer Park home, and her enjoyment of life post-Hurricane Ike.

“This is great,” Steinhauer said in her blog. “I don’t have school and getting free food. I still will probably get paid at the end of the month also. Life is great after a hurricane when nothing really happened to your house.”

While adding up her free loot, Steinhauer counted five cases of water, two 20-pound bags of ice, four 10 pound bags of ice, four boxes of MREs (two of the “real military ones” and two boxes meant to last one person one day, and a box with a variety of 12 sack lunches of Chef Boyardee microwavable cups, granola bars, fruit cups and almond cookies.)

Happily, she’s probably in a good deal of hot water now.

Allegations that Steinhauer took advantage of the system and received MREs she may not have really needed while other s went without have prompted an investigation by the Goose Creek school district.

“She’s been placed on administrative lead with pay pending an investigation,” spokeswoman Kathy Clausen said.

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