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A google-able Nigerian Money Scam?

Most Nigerian money scam emails contain nonsense names, fictional details, but this one actually has a little ring of reality to it:

Dear Sir/Madam

I am Dora Baciro Dabo a 24 years old daughter of the late Baciro Dabo, i write to plead with you to be my trustee and guardian for a handsome reward, as the bank has asked me to provide somebody who will stand as my trustee to enable them release my inheritance worth ($3,200,000.00) which was left for me by my father, late Baciro Dabo, the former Territorial Administration Minister and the presidential aspirant in Guinea-Bissau who was brutally killed on Friday 5Th June 2009, iam ready to give you %30 of the total sum if accepted, please get back to me for more information on this proposal.

Dora Baciro Dabo

Turns out there really was a Presidential candidate, killed on June 5th, 2009, by the name of Baciro Dabo. Nicely done, whoever you are; you may actually score some sucker with your stinking lies.

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