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Family refuses to allow oil spill to spoil beach fun

From our friends at The Daily Rash:

GULF OF MEXICO – After a fun filled day of snorkeling and water skiing in the Gulf of Mexico, the Dunlap family is exhausted. Herb and Stella Dunlap almost canceled their long awaited beach vacation last week. After news of the large oil spill in the Gulf, family and friends warned that it might be too dangerous to vacation there now.

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Sig94 strikes again

Sig94, a blogger friend of mine, recently posted some amazing photographs of gigantic holes. I know that doesn’t seem to fit in with the theme of TinyMinds, but I think you’ll agree there are some fantastic photos.

Check it out!

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This site is full of tinyminds — except here, they self-report. I love it; although a lot of it is mundane, there are some really excellent self-confessed ding-dongs out there — and one can always find something frighteningly familiar in the reported adventures.

Check it out; once BlogRolling is back, this site will be on my ‘roll.

Funny everyday life quotes |

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SiteShare: The Endive

If you like the Onion, but also are of a conservative bent, you really should check out the Endive. My current favorite article is the one about Obama’s nipples. I could explain, but … that would ruin the fun.

The Endive – The News Leader of the Known Universe.

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