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British have moment of sanity

Read my lips, kids!

A Muslim teacher has been axed after she insisted on wearing a veil to teach young children.

Aishah Azmi, 24, was asked to take it off in class after pupils said they found English lessons hard to understand because they could not see her lips move.

The junior school in Dewsbury, West Yorks, said she could wear her veil in corridors and the staff room – but must remove it when teaching. Angry Miss Azmi refused, claiming the veil was part of her cultural identity, and was suspended.

A council source said yesterday: “It is ridiculous. How can you teach English to young children with a veil over your face?”

Reportedly, the school’s water-polo coach has been asked to not wear a burka while demonstrating passing techniques to her charges. No word on whether the PC police will also be coming to her rescue.

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Why Muslims Don’t Drink

NAIVASHA, Kenya (Reuters) – A couple caught having sex in a Kenyan mosque during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan have been sentenced to 18 months jail for what the judge called an “abominable” affront to religion.

Peter Kimani and Jennifer Wairimu pleaded guilty to the charge of having sex in a place of worship after being caught on October 3 at the Abubakar mosque in Gilgil, about 60 miles north of Nairobi. Neither is a Muslim.

A worshipper heading for evening prayers found the couple having sex after investigating what the prosecution described as strange noises emanating from a dark corner of the mosque.

Kimani and Wairimu both pleaded for clemency at Monday’s hearing, saying they were too drunk to know where they were. Kimani told the court he thought he was in a lodging house.

John King’ori, senior magistrate in nearby Naivasha, dismissed their plea.

“Having sex in a mosque is a most abominable thing to religion and only a custodial sentence can add justice to this,” he said.

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Traditions? Pah

Once again, Eurabia strikes back, this time destroying a 500-year old perfectly appropriate celebration of liberation in my beloved Spain:

Spain will no longer burn effigies of the Prophet Muhammad. Muslim armies occupied Spain from 711 to 1492. For the past five centuries the Spanish have traditionally celebrated the 1492 liberation from the Moors (as the Muslims were locally called) with local village festivals during which the battles against the Moors were reenacted and effigies of the Muslim prophet – the so-called “la Mahoma” – were mocked, thrown from the windows, and burned.

Last year the town of Bocairent near Valencia decided to discontinue the tradition of centuries. The town did not want to risk becoming the target of Islamic suicide bombers. On Monday the Spanish newspaper El Pais reported that this year the other Valencian towns are also abolishing ancient traditions which are perceived to be offensive to Muslims. The people of Beneixama used to stuff the head of the Mahoma with firecrackers which went off as the onlookers applauded. This year Beneixama decided to abolish this part of the celebration. Antonio Valdés, the local mayor, told El Pais: “This was not an essential part of the festivities. It could hurt the sensitivities of some. We decided to avoid that.” The reconquista will still be commemmorated, but without “aggression” towards Muhammad.

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Ambivelance is setting in on this one…

Iran’s hardline Islamic regime has had enough of footballers with long hair and plucked eyebrows.

“I will ban athletes with an effeminate look,” the head of the country’s Physical Education Organisation, Mohammad Ali-Abadi said, told the Etemad-Melli newspaper.

“It is really disgraceful for Iran that young people step onto fields wearing make-up,” the top official fumed. “When a man enters the field with dyed hair and groomed eyebrows he is disrespecting society.”

The paper said Ali-Abadi appeared to be particularly worried about footballers, and warned that “even though they get away with it now, they will be disqualified in future”.

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I Hate to Encourage Tiberius, But….

I couldn’t resist posting a Religion of Peace story.

BADSHAHKILI, Pakistan – A battle for the airwaves between two Islamic preachers with their own FM radio stations in Pakistan escalated into bitter fighting that killed at least 24 people.


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