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Obama’s First Legislation

should take this as it’s model:

VIENNA, Austria (AP) – Cabs in the Austrian city of Salzburg just got classier: Drivers can no longer wear tracksuits. The new regulation took effect earlier this month in an attempt to improve the image of cabbies in a place known for its upmarket clientele.

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Who’s in this picture?

Who do you see in this picture? Now, stand up and back off from your computer, and who do you see?

Hat tip to Steve Ray’s Blog

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Surprise — your loo is now a bidet!

Imagine the surprise one might have, sitting on the throne, reading the Economist, when suddenly…

FRANKENMUTH — Maintenance of city sewer lines is causing quick bursts of water to splash out of residents’ toilets. The problem has affected about 20 of Frankenmuth’s 1,200 households.

“It’s just real strange,” City Manager Charles Graham told The Saginaw News for a story Friday.

The maintenance usually causes only mild gurgling, Graham said. But in some homes, water has burst onto walls and floors in the city 70 miles north of Detroit.

WATER bursting onto walls? Just water? Ha.

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Be sure to call before showing…

a house to a prospective buyer. You never know what might pop out at you…

LONDON (Reuters) – An estate agent who took a prospective buyer to view a house in central England found the owner hanging dead in a closet, the agency said Thursday.

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Definitely NOT DSOTW — but great news nonetheless

Good for them!

Two Army reservists are instant millionaires.

New York State lottery officials said Thursday that two jackpots of $1 million each have been won in the Fort Drum area. The lottery said the coincidence is unprecedented. One winning scratch-off ticket was bought by Wendy and Donald Childers.He’s a reservist who returned from a year in Iraq last November.The other winning ticket was bought by Stacy James. She’s an inactive reservist, whose husband is currently serving in Iraq.Both couples have three children.They said they plan to invest part of their winnings.

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