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Obama should ask this historian…

… how to avoid the mistakes of FDR in solving economic woes.

It’s as simple as adopting the basic rules of Monopoly. No, really.

Read this important article, and make sure you pass it around to any of your friends who is lacking a clue about economics.

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Possible Entry for Dumbest Criminal of 2010

I have an idea. Let’s go do some graffiti in broad daylight. Even better, let’s do it to a building where a group of police officers are taking a class on how to conduct foot pursuits.

Over 100 sheriff’s deputies and police officers were attending a law enforcement training class when they saw a 22-year old man quickly etch the glass door that leads directly into a City of Commerce meeting room.  As Vasquez began to open the door to etch the inside, he looked shocked to see dozens of deputies and officers running directly towards him.  He turned and ran down the sidewalk as at least 40 deputies and officers crammed through the doorway at the City of Commerce Aquatic Center to go after him.

A bit dim, says I.

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DeMint is right

“The problem in the Republican Party is that the leadership has gone to the left.”

– Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), quoted by CBN News.

See the video here

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“Tea Party” leads the GOP in polling?

Oh dear. I’m thinking Mr. Steele has his work cut out in repairing the conservative side of things:

In a three-way Generic Ballot test, the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds Democrats attracting 36% of the vote. The Tea Party candidate picks up 23%, and Republicans finish third at 18%. Another 22% are undecided.

Great. More here: Tea Party Leads GOP

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