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Henry Jennings 1715-17. English. Jennings hunted Spanish and French merchantmen during the War of the Spanish Succession (1702- 1714). The governor of Havana sent a salvage crew to southeastern Florida to recover the cargo of silver that was carried by a Spanish treasure fleet that perished in a hurricane in July 1715. Jennings together with 3 small ships and about 300 men left Jamaica and fell upon the salvagers. They drove off about 60 soldiers and captured about 350,000 pesos. Returning to Jamaica, the pirates seized a Spanish ship loaded with rich cargo and 60,000 pesos. The governor of Jamaica worried about reprisals from the government warned Jennings about his activities. Jennings left Jamaica and found a new base of operations at New Providence Island in the Bahamas. In 1717, the English government offered a pardon which Jennings accepted, surrendering at Bermuda.

In real life, Henry is a CPA and a former legislator and GOP official. You may detect a slight rightward tilt to his musings. /shrug

Axel Gustafsson Oxenstierna af Södermöre (June 16, 1583 – August 28, 1654), Count of Södermöre, was a Swedish statesman. He became a member of the Privy Council in 1609 and served as Lord High Chancellor of Sweden from 1612 until his death. He was a close servant of both Gustavus Adolphus and later Queen Christina.

Oxenstierna (or just plain Oxenstern, as we call him) is widely considered one of the most influential people of Swedish history. He played an important role during the Thirty Years’ War and was appointed Governor-General of the occupied Prussia. During his period he also laid the foundations of the Swedish central government administration.

In real life, Ox is a management accountant and IT expert and is a confirmed Democrat, although why that is, Henry just can’t comprehend. Every four years, they bet a bottle of single malt on the results of the Presidential elections; this year, Oxenstern anticipates taking the trophy home, for a change took the trophy home, for a change — a lovely bottle of Glenlivet 12 year old single-malt. Hopefully, Henry will once again win in 2012.

Alvin Tostig was Jesus’ grandfather. No, not that one. Jesus, son of Levon, famed in song as the guy who had a thriving business selling cartoon balloons in town. Jesus helped out, but apparently he had space travel on his mind. Levon was to be a good man…a deceptively simple way to make the world a much better place that we all should emulate.

In real life, Alvin is a technology consultant specializing in database design, education and training. Off the clock he’s a cyclist, backpacker and inveterate obscure music collector. If you dig his posts and you’re ever near a duty-free shop, please pick him up a bottle of Sheridan’s.

Charlotte Corday, was the assassin of the rat-bastid Jacobin, Marat, snuffing him in the bathtub and saving countless people from the guillotine, though she doesn’t like to brag. She also continued to piss people off, even after her head was cut off. After being guillotined, another one of those dirty bastids picked up her head and slapped her, which was, let’s face it, a bit overkill.

In real life, Charlotte is a senior at the University of California, where she is constantly hoisting other potential Jacobins by their petards. She plans on becoming a rapidly-promoted member of a giant entertainment conglomerate.

Or a pirate.

No!  The InkDemon is not covered in hideous tattoos.  He is an old newspaperman who earned his name.   A judge in Bexar County (Texas) called him “That InkDemon”.   “Inky” has retained that moniker as a badge of honor.   He sees himself as Humphrey Bogart’s Ed Hutcheson, a crusty old editor in the movie “Deadline USA“.   It was a movie released in  1952 during the days of the red scare and McCarthyism.  Joe McCarthy may have been paranoid, but InkDemon asks, “Are you paranoid, if they really are out to take over?”

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