Is there a casting couch for municipal government?

This was the least offensive picture of "Jazella" I could find.

I would have thought a change of career was in order, either for the guy or his “wife”…

FLAGLER BEACH, Fla. (970 WFLA) -The former Fort Myers Beach town manager who was fired last year because he married a porn star is now a finalist for the city manager job in Flagler Beach.

Janke lost his Fort Myers Beach job in July 2009 when the town council unanimously voted to fire him. They had learned his wife, Anabela Mota Janke, was an adult film star, working under the name Jazella Moore.

What kind of a porn name is Jazella, anyhow?

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7 Responses to “Is there a casting couch for municipal government?”

  • i am sorry but what has his wite’s job got to do with his ability to be good towns manager ? that’s just insane ! total hypocrisy ! i betcha he was doing his best for his town,yet again america’s obsession with style over substance will cost them dearly, no wonder the NWO crime-syndicates are destroying your great nation with such ease and minimal effort.i bet the petty-feeble-minded council whackos experienced a glorious ego-boost after dispatching the poor sod from his position,disgusting.if there is a way to show support for mr janke please let us know via

  • Felonious Punk:

    I agree with captain, above me. Hey, Mr. Tiny Mind, with your critique of the state of our rights above, I’m surprised you agree with the closed-minded fools who fired the guy.
    What does his wife’s occupation have to do with his ability to manage the town? Because she’s a porn star, she’s a second-class citizen? Is that it? Is everyone who associates with her guilty too? Why, exactly?

  • You may not have noticed that I didn’t make an editorial comment on his fitness for the job — but although I totally support his right to marry whomever he wishes to, you have to understand that local community standards may dictate that folks aren’t going to want the publicity or notoriety for their town that would come with having a town manager married to a porn star — and THEY have every right to protect the reputation of their town, just as he has every right to marry a porn “actress”. Of course, if no one knows what she does for a living, there’s no problem, is there… but that’s just not possible for this guy and his wife now that the “cat” is out of the bag.

    On a side note: What is the difference between a person selling sex for money, and one selling sex for money on camera? They are both prostitutes, no?

  • We all make choices and suffer the consequences. Did he really think marrying a porn star would be a great idea for someone running for public office. Frankly, most guys wouldn’t consider is a bad tradeoff…

  • Lisa:

    How is it that other people can make judgements on who you decide to marry? So where does it stop? Can they now do the same thing if people marry someone from another country? another race? another religion?

    Maybe the phrase “protect the reputation of their town” needs to be applied to the town council..they should resign on the basis that their thinking is still in the dark ages!

  • I do not run on a single light in my home. I decide on my own and nothing else.

  • Celroy Conel:

    Do you think marrying a porn star is easy, it takes a lot of guts just to love porn start because of how they work, but this man face all of that and married Anabela Mota Janke. – Integrity Spas

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