You might be an Obamaton if…

You might be an Obamaton if:

… you only use the #p2 hashtag

… you think a government that can’t run a post office can run health care

… you think anyone disagreeing with BHO just HAS to be a racist

… you think Joe Biden is smarter than Dan Quayle

… you think it’s OK for Congress to pass bills without reading them, hell, without holding hearings

… you think government workers are overworked and underpaid

… you think it’s just great that the IRS will be enforcing health insurance compliance

… you think the VAT won’t be a massive tax increase on the middle class

… you “feel” we’re moving in the right direction as a country, in spite of the evidence right before your nose

OK, I was trying to come up with funny ones, but these are all so terribly sad. Help a brother out, and suggest more, we’ll get ‘em all posted …

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