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A google-able Nigerian Money Scam?

Most Nigerian money scam emails contain nonsense names, fictional details, but this one actually has a little ring of reality to it:

Dear Sir/Madam

I am Dora Baciro Dabo a 24 years old daughter of the late Baciro Dabo, i write to plead with you to be my trustee and guardian for a handsome reward, as the bank has asked me to provide somebody who will stand as my trustee to enable them release my inheritance worth ($3,200,000.00) which was left for me by my father, late Baciro Dabo, the former Territorial Administration Minister and the presidential aspirant in Guinea-Bissau who was brutally killed on Friday 5Th June 2009, iam ready to give you %30 of the total sum if accepted, please get back to me for more information on this proposal.

Dora Baciro Dabo

Turns out there really was a Presidential candidate, killed on June 5th, 2009, by the name of Baciro Dabo. Nicely done, whoever you are; you may actually score some sucker with your stinking lies.

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Everyone should have a goal

New Jersey woman is packing in 12,000 calories a day in a bid to become the fattest woman in the world. If I were her daughter I’d be careful not to spill any mustard on myself.

[ed: that's not the wide-angle shot, so to speak; see the original article for that kind of thing]

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NY Assemblyman not worth his salt

We have double-digit unemployment, state deficits are at record levels, scandal and corruption plague our government, and we’re at war across the world.  I have an idea, let’s tell chefs they can’t put salt in restaurant food. Yeah, that’s what the people want our legislatures working on.

NEW YORK, March 11 (UPI) — A New York state assemblyman says restaurants throughout the state should not be allowed to use salt in the preparation of food.

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Patrick Kennedy : Getting ready to stroke out

This dude needs to get off the adderall and back on the downers. In this little diatribe, he is arguing to bring our troops home NOW, but he gets a little side-tracked by the media, and the Vietnam war — claiming that he heard things during that war very similar to this current war. Of course, he forgets that he was born in 1967, so the whole thing was over by the time he was eight. Sure, he has that great of a memory for things he heard, even after hundreds of gallons of hootch and cases of pills. Uh huh.

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Man Eats Winning Lottery Ticket

OK, this one is really strange — but I have a feeling alcohol was involved:

Here’s one for the bizarro file. A man purchased a scratch ticket onboard a Ryanair flight. Yes, Ryanair sells scratch tickets onboard—are you really that surprised? The passenger scratched the ticket and lo and behold, it was a winner! €10,000, or roughly $13,600!

At this point, the story is already strange enough. Who buys a scratch ticket, let alone a winning one, on an airplane? Heck, it’s pretty odd that an airline even sells scratch tickets. But what happened next truly baffles the mind: the man ate the ticket.

According to the BBC, the passenger, whose name has not been released, demanded that the winnings be paid immediately. This, of course, is completely absurd, as no airline would stash a spare €10,000 on its planes, and no crewmember is going to write a check.

Read more here…

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