Just when I thought I was out…

… they’ve sucked me back in.

Recent experience with Twitter has led me to a renewed interest in politics, and hence a reason to get back into maintaining Tinyminds on a more regular basis.

It seems to me that now, more than ever, our nation and in fact our world is afflicted with TinyMinds Syndrome — when a “Beer Summit” can captivate the media for days, when Michael Jackson’s death can cause millions of people and millions of dollars to be utterly wasted (on many levels) for a month, when whether or not the Obama girls have a laptop for the summer makes front-page news, it’s time to sit up and say something.

We’re on the verge of destroying American health care. We’re talking about hobbling the financial markets. We’re down in the dumps because the “Cash for Crappers” money ran out after a week. We’re wondering whether we should be apologizing to the Universe for everything we’ve ever done in the past — and coming to the conclusion that, yes, we should.

In a nutshell, we’ve all gone nuts and lost our collective tiny minds. Well, most of us have.

Time to get to work, and make sure that tens of readers each week are subjected to the pointless drivel that used to make this place almost interesting to read.

Now, if I can get my fellow authors to put something worthwhile up, like they used to from time to time, we might actually attract tens of readers every few days. That would be something ;)

- Henry

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