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This site is full of tinyminds — except here, they self-report. I love it; although a lot of it is mundane, there are some really excellent self-confessed ding-dongs out there — and one can always find something frighteningly familiar in the reported adventures.

Check it out; once BlogRolling is back, this site will be on my ‘roll.

Funny everyday life quotes |

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GOP elects first black national party chairman

I am SO stoked that the RNC has elected Michael Steele as the new chairman. I’ve met the man, and he’s not only a clear-thinking conservative, he has the kind of charisma that the party needs to move forward.

Congratulations, Michael and RNC — you’ve done a good, non-tinyminds kind of thing with this latest move.

GOP elects first black national party chairman.

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SiteShare: The Endive

If you like the Onion, but also are of a conservative bent, you really should check out the Endive. My current favorite article is the one about Obama’s nipples. I could explain, but … that would ruin the fun.

The Endive – The News Leader of the Known Universe.

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Just when you thought you’d seen everything

along comes something stunning, original, and so downright stupid that it leaves you gasping for air.

Is your marriage suffering? Do you lack the kind of true intimacy that you used to have, but now no longer enjoy?

One solution is to do more things together with your significant other. And what thing would bring you closer than… well, poopoo?

Yes, it’s true — a brainiac of gigantic proportions has invented the “Toilet Built For Two.”

Hard as it is to believe, this $1,400 loo has an optional 7″ LCD TV and iPOD docking port.

Just what my wife wants for Valentine’s Day, I’m certain of it.

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Inaugural Armageddon

Thanks, Obama. Your coronation is going to destroy the planet.

According to the Institute for Liberty,

It would take the average US household 57,598 years to produce a carbon footprint equal to that of the new president’s housewarming party.

So, the incoming greenies have no problem with shamelessly contributing to the destruction of life on earth in the pursuit of celebrating the ascension of The One.


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