What’s in a word?

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain is proposing to remove the term “prostitute” from the criminal statutes because it carries too much stigma.

Instead, a new bill that the Justice Ministry has drafted refers simply to persons who sell sex persistently — defined as twice or more in three months.

“We just wanted to remove the stigma of the label ‘common prostitute’,” said a spokeswoman for the Justice Ministry.

“It’s been around since 1824, so it was a bit outdated. It just wasn’t really helpful to label people.”

The new bill introduces measures to try to get sex workers out of the industry, and in effect decriminalizes prostitution for those who are not considered persistent.

Apparently, if you sell sex less than a couple of times in a couple of months, you’re now no longer a prostitute but merely a skank; any more than that and you’re still a ‘ho, they’re just not gonna call you that any more.
Boggles the mind, frankly.

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