Disappointing turnout for los illegales

I’m kind of bummed today — the Marxist agitators trying to destroy America were pretty unsuccessful in repeating their successes from last year in yesterday’s “rallies”.

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Immigration rallies held nationwide Tuesday produced only a fraction of the million-plus protesters who turned out last year, as fear about raids and frustration that the marches haven’t pushed Congress to pass reform kept many people at home.

In Los Angeles, where several hundred thousand turned out last year, about 25,000 attended a downtown rally, said police Capt. Andrew Smith, an incident commander. In Chicago, where more than 400,000 swarmed the streets a year earlier, police officials put initial estimates at about 150,000.

Organizers said those who did march felt a sense of urgency to keep immigration reform from getting pushed to the back burner by the 2008 presidential elections.

But they shouldn’t worry — I’m pretty certain the topic of illegal immigration, illegal employment, and corporate malfeasance in the matter will be a hot topic during the next set of elections.

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