You never know who’s watching you


Oxenstern and I are hitting the links tomorrow with a friend — this is fair warning, I guess, and rather timely:

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (AP) – A mother teed off by drunken golfers urinating near her house by the 18th hole resorted to videotaping the men after no action was taken on her complaints. Video of some men relieving themselves behind trees at the city-owned course was played on local and national television news.”Many times I would say, ‘You’re on camera,’ and they’d keep right on going. They’d yell and scream obscenities at me,” Delisa Schubert said.

Schubert, her husband and daughters ages 11 and 15 live next to the Tennessee Centennial Golf Course in Oak Ridge, 20 miles west of Knoxville. She said they family moved there so the girls could improve their golf game.

Schubert has reported the problem to police, city officials, the local district attorney and the golf course manager. They suggested she record the offenders, and in a year she says she has captured more than 40 golfers in the act.

Signs banning public urination are posted on the golf course, and the city is talking to the course operator about the issue, said Josh Collins, director of the city’s recreation and parks department. There are restrooms nearby at the 16th hole and the clubhouse.

Schubert says the underlying problem is too much beer and no restraint.

“When you have no inhibition, you’re just going to go anywhere,” she said.

Seems to me the underlaying problem is a lack of bladder control, but well, whatever.

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