Nota Bene: Don’t Sleep in Dumpsters

It’s one thing to be a dumpster diver — it’s quite another to use one as a bedroom. In fact, it can be downright dangerous:

Authorities said a man who fell asleep in a trash container awoke inside a garbage truck, but was saved after making a frantic call to police.

The truck was about to compact its load. The man told 911 operators that he’d dozed off in a trash container and woke up in a garbage truck. That call came in to police in Oak Park, Mich., outside Detroit. An officer said the guy didn’t know where he was.

Police said they had to stop all garbage trucks in the area after the call came in, but they were not able to locate the man right away. As police began checking on garbage trucks, they lost contact with the man, whose cell phone battery fell out. But in the nick of time, one officer spotted a truck that was stopped, with the driver compacting a load. The officer banged on the side — and someone responded. The driver emptied his trash into the parking lot and out fell the man, who said he’d been looking for bottles to collect the deposit on. He wasn’t hurt.

Police said the man was not homeless, but unemployed and was trying to make ends meet.

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