Wash up or I’ll cut ya!

Beware The Bathroom Avenger!  This fellow takes the cleanliness of others entirely too seriously.

US drinker stabbed for not washing hands
Poor restroom hygiene ends in knife fight
By Lester Haines
Published Tuesday 28th November 2006 15:29 GMT

Those men among you who indulge in the woman-enraging provocation of not putting the loo seat back down after taking a leak should count yourselves lucky you’re not in Fort Worth, Texas, where some people take the matter of good toilet habits very seriously indeed.

Just ask 25-year-old Morgan Jackson, who was with two drinking buddies in the car park of the Tumbleweeds Sports Bar last Thursday evening when an infuriated toilet user charged them with a knife “because he apparently grew angry that one of the men didn’t wash his hands in t

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