Howard Dean and Maria Sharapova stay away!

Grunters of the world beware!  The tiny minded managers of this gym consider grunting a criminal offense.  Calling the local gendarmes in because of 300 lb excercisers in spandex I can understand, but this seems a bit silly.

ALBANY, N.Y. — You could forgive a guy for grunting while lifting 500 pounds — unless you’re the owners of a place called Planet Fitness.

It turns out that grunting isn’t allowed in their universe. Corrections officer Albert Argibay learned that the hard way this week. He was hoisting 500 pounds on a machine at the Wappingers Falls, N.Y., gym when the manager said he grunted — in violation of the Planet Fitness rules.

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2 Responses to “Howard Dean and Maria Sharapova stay away!”

  • Haha, I actually go to this gym. Not bad, I’m not a grunter anyway. Used to go to LA Fitness, and I got a kick out of listening to the meatheads grunt and yell, but it didn’t bother me, it kept things interesting. PF is just a completely different kind of gym, it’s not for body builders really. They don’t even have free weights for barbells, only smith machines and dumbbells.

  • chantal2013:

    A good sports will always have something to show. – Kris Krohn Strongbrook

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