British have moment of sanity

Read my lips, kids!

A Muslim teacher has been axed after she insisted on wearing a veil to teach young children.

Aishah Azmi, 24, was asked to take it off in class after pupils said they found English lessons hard to understand because they could not see her lips move.

The junior school in Dewsbury, West Yorks, said she could wear her veil in corridors and the staff room – but must remove it when teaching. Angry Miss Azmi refused, claiming the veil was part of her cultural identity, and was suspended.

A council source said yesterday: “It is ridiculous. How can you teach English to young children with a veil over your face?”

Reportedly, the school’s water-polo coach has been asked to not wear a burka while demonstrating passing techniques to her charges. No word on whether the PC police will also be coming to her rescue.

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