Talk about “Sink the Bismarck”… oy

A man who plunged to his death from the sixth floor of a German aristocrat’s home had been taking part in a gay orgy while bingeing on cocaine, an inquest was told today.

Tony Casey, 38, had five times the potentially fatal level of the drug in his body when he plunged from the Chelsea roof terrace of Count Gottfried von Bismarck.

Both men had taken part in an elaborate all night gay orgy with three others.

When police officers arrived at the scene they discovered the floor of the penthouse flat in Draycott Place was littered with sexual paraphernalia.

The living room floor was covered with a huge rubber tarpaulin on which was spread towels, lubricants, phallic objects, straps, paddles and a padlock.

There were two buckets filled with sex toys, mirrors propped up in three of the four corners and bottles of vodka scattered around.

During the evening Mr Casey had been seen snorting cocaine in the kitchen but sometime after 5am had declared he felt unwell and asked for the keys to the roof terrace. (Ed: Naturally, being the brilliant types they must be, they gave him the key)

One of the guests, Paul Noel Dorrian, 41, told the hearing at Westminster Coroners Court that he had gone to find unemployed Mr Casey on the roof terrace to check how he was and, at his request, had returned to fetch him a glass of water.

He said: “I went to the kitchen to get a glass and when I came back he had gone.”

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