So now Mexico has a veto on Congress?

And they are insisting that a fence will make the border less secure? How do they figure that, exactly?

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico pleaded with President Bush on Monday to veto a Senate proposal to build a fence to keep illegal immigrants out, saying it could backfire by making the border less secure.

The U.S. Senate overwhelmingly backed a bill on Friday to put up about 700 miles of fence, a project Republicans hope will impress voters calling for tougher immigration control ahead of November 7 congressional elections.

“The Mexican government strongly opposes the building of walls in the border area between Mexico and the United States,” President Vicente Fox’s spokesman Ruben Aguilar told reporters.

“This decision hurts bilateral relations, goes against the spirit of cooperation needed to guarantee security on the common border, creates a climate of tension in border communities,” he said.

Aguilar said Mexico would send a diplomatic note to Washington on Monday urging Bush to veto the bill, which requires the president’s signature to become law.

Of course, the 20 million or so illegals in the United States, why, that’s not something that should hurt “bilateral relations”, should it?

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