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Coming to YouTube soon

Thank God, not yet.

A Kentucky man wearing only a thong and carrying a knife is accused of videotaping himself attempting a burglary, then leaving the tape behind, police said.

Helped by the tape, police arrested Rodney McMillen, 36, of Covington, over the weekend and charged him with burglary, Police Chief Steve Hensley said. He was found at his mother’s home in Norwood, Ohio, Hensley said.

McMillen is accused of breaking into a woman’s apartment on Sept. 20, clad in only thong underwear and carrying a knife, Hensley said. The woman fended off the attacker, who left the apartment and fled into a stand of trees near the apartment complex, Hensley said.

Investigating officers found a video camera the burglar left in the apartment and found video of McMillen’s family on the end of the tape, Hensley said.

Investigators were able to identify some of them and tracked down McMillen at his mother’s house, Hensley said.

McMillen was being held in the Hamilton County Justice Center in Cincinnati on $50,000 bond, awaiting extradition to Kentucky.

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Score one for idiot parents … and the school board that buckled to them

I’d LOVE to be the lawyer representing this teacher. Alas, I am not a lawyer. Oh well.

An award-winning Texas art teacher who was reprimanded after one of her fifth-grade students saw a nude sculpture during a trip to a museum has lost her job. The school board in Frisco has voted not to renew Sydney McGee’s contract after 28 years. She has been on administrative leave.

The teacher took her students on an approved field trip to a Dallas museum, and now some parents are upset.The Fisher Elementary School art teacher came under fire last April when she took 89 fifth-graders on a field trip to the Dallas Museum of Art. Parents raised concerns over the field trip after their children reported seeing a nude sculpture at the art museum.The parents had signed permission slips allowing their children to take part in the field trip.

McGee’s lawyer said the principal at Fisher Elementary School admonished her after a parent complained that a student had seen nude art.

McGee said the principal had urged her to take the students to the museum.

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PC Police Win The Day

Oh well. It would have been great fun, had it come to pass:

CHICAGO (Reuters) – A car dealership in Ohio has decided not to run a commercial proclaiming a “jihad” on the U.S. auto market, a Muslim activist group said on Monday.

The Ohio Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations released a letter from the dealership offering an apology and saying the radio ad, which had never been aired, was a misguided attempt at humor.

“We appreciate the dealership’s constructive reaction to feedback about the proposed advertisements,” said Adnan Mirza, director of the group’s Ohio’s office. “We accept the apology … and hope that it and the decision not to air the spots will bring this incident to a close.”

The statement from the dealership, Dennis Mitsubishi in Columbus, said “A large number of people have contacted us. Lots of them have seen the humor we were trying to convey, but far too many were clearly bothered by it. This was simply an attempt at humor that fell short.”

It also offered a “sincere apology to anyone who was offended.”

The group on Sunday had complained publicly about plans for a commercial it said would have proclaimed a “jihad” on the U.S. auto market offering “Fatwa Fridays” with sales representatives giving play swords to children.

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Hobbit threatens judge who is trying him for threatening judges

MADRID (Reuters) – A Basque separatist prisoner on trial for threatening to kill a judge on Thursday told the presiding judge that he would shoot him and “skin him alive,” risking yet another jail sentence.Ignacio Javier Bilbao Goikoetxea, a convicted murderer and member of armed separatist group ETA, kicked the dock’s bullet-proof screen and launched a torrent of abuse at judge Alfonso Guevara and Baltasar Garzon, the judge he had threatened at a previous trial who was appearing as a witness.

“If you’re a man, come here … I’m going to skin you alive. Come here if you’ve got the balls… I look forward to shooting you seven times when I get my hands on you,” the shaven-headed Bilbao Goikoetxea told Guevara in the Madrid courtroom.

Oh wait, it’s Bilbao, not Bilbo. My mistake.

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Is that an exploding dye pack in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?

Be carefull where you stick your loot, you may be in for a surprise.

A bank robber who made off with a wad of cash from an Orlando bank last Friday had his collar felt after his trousers exploded as he attempted to make good his escape, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

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