Indian Nazi Idiot Update

This just in:

MUMBAI (Reuters) – A restaurant in India’s financial hub has agreed to change its name from “Hitler’s Cross” following strong protests by the country’s tiny Jewish community and pressure from Israel.

Apparently, this retard didn’t have any idea that it might offend someone to have a restaurant glorifying the swastika and the number three mass murderer of the 20th century

“We acknowledge that the name adopted by us for our restaurant was most inappropriate,” Satish Sabhlok, one of the owners of the multi-cuisine restaurant, said in a statement.

“Our intention was not to glorify Hitler or his atrocities or ideology in any way and we regret the anguish caused by the use of this name.”

The owners were yet to decide on a new name, he added.

How about “SEARED HOLY COW FLESH ON A STICK“? Hat-tip to Sorbitol for the suggestion.

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