WTF? Blue State Rejects Liberal Spending Initiatives?

Who woulda thunk it? I have renewed my faith (almost) in the voters of California:

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – California voters appeared to have rejected ballot measures to authorize the state to sell $600 million in bonds for libraries and raise taxes to fund free preschool for 4-year-old children, according to election results early on Wednesday.

With 43.9 percent of precincts reporting, 53.4 percent of votes had been cast against Proposition 81 and 46.6 percent of votes had been cast in favor of the measure, which proposed the general obligation debt sale to finance building and renovating libraries.

The state’s Legislative Analyst’s Office had estimated it would have cost California $1.2 billion from its general fund over 30 years to pay off the $600 million in principal and $570 million in interest expenses from the debt.

Voters also rejected Proposition 82, which had been spearheaded by actor-director Rob Reiner and backed by the state’s teachers’ union, the California Teachers Association.

The ballot measure would have imposed a 1.7 percent tax on individuals with incomes above $400,000 and on couples with incomes above $800,000 to raise $2.4 billion to fund the preschool program.

The measure was rejected by 59.3 percent of voters and supported by 40.7 of voters, according to results from 43.9 percent of precincts.

Add that to the Demo’s defeat in the election to replace Cunningham in San Diego, and I think we’re all set to hold our seats come November in this, the most liberal state in the Union.

Sorry, Nancy. You’re still screwed.

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