We have ways of making sure you don’t escape

… and even if you can’t walk, we’re gonna be sure of it.

A remand prisoner recovering in hospital after surgery to remove one of his legs lies handcuffed to his bed, his lawyer claimed yesterday. Carl Shepherd, 35, from Northern Moor, Manchester, suffered head and leg injuries when arrested for burglary and was transferred from Manchester prison to hospital, where his left leg was amputated below the knee to prevent the spread of septicaemia.

Now in a side room on a ward after leaving the intensive care unit, he is guarded by at least two prison officers.

“I was astounded when I went into North Manchester general hospital to see him in a small room at the end of the ward,” said Mr Shepherd’s solicitor, John Black. “When he lifted his hand up I could see his wrist was chained to the bed … I was shocked when I saw the handcuffs.

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