France makes bid to not kill terrrorist, either

Feeling rather sheepish about the fact that French national Moussaoui, the 20th hijacker, will be not executed for his admitted crimes, Jacque Chirac’s government has announced that under treaty, they should be allowed to not kill him, either.

PARIS (Reuters) – France could at some stage ask the United States to allow Zacarias Moussaoui to serve his life prison sentence in a French jail, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

Moussaoui, a 37-year old French citizen of Moroccan origin, was jailed for life by a U.S. jury on Wednesday for his role in the September 11 2001 attacks on the United States.

France and the United States signed two agreements in the 1980s about the transfer of convicts and Moussaoui’s mother Aisha el Wafi and his lawyer have asked that the Frenchman be allowed to serve his sentence in his home country.

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