Beware teh intarwebzor

In another “careful what you put on the internet” story:

Two feuding businessmen are headed to court, after one man created lewd images of the other and posted them on the Internet, using his rival’s business name in the Web site address.

Richard Boucher, owner of Boucher’s Furniture Store in Milford, acknowledges creating the site, which showed a photo of Nick D’Augustine’s face superimposed on a pornographic image, and another manipulated to show a penis attached to D’Augustine’s head.

Boucher said his actions may have been wrong, but he was trying to even the score with D’Augustine, owner of Oak Furniture Store in Amherst, whom he accuses of trying to ruin his business.

Well, if I were D’Augustine, I’d consider adding new lines of product to my showroom.

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