Victor Davis Hanson has the Salsa Intifada down cold

… check out his analysis.

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5 Responses to “Victor Davis Hanson has the Salsa Intifada down cold”

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    I’m going to keep posting this until it sinks in:

    You have got to be kidding me.

    You know what, I have a serious comment to make: Would you all really be happy if everyone simply agreed with you on everything? I really get that impression from conservatives and liberals alike. It’s sad, really. You demand conformity. From the safety of your little websites.

    How about this for a topic: If everyone woke up tomorrow and–whether they meant it or not–just started agreeing with you all about every single little conservative or liberal idea, would you be happy?

    Why does conformity matter so much to you all?

    Actually, don’t answer. Nobody cares.

  • No, I will answer — but since you don’t care, you’ll never see the answer, no doubt, unless you “keep posting this” until it sinks in. Make up your mind.

    Regardless, what EVER gave you the notion that I would be happy if everyone agreed with me? That’s insane.

    The whole big happy game is one of struggle and conflict. Without conflict, there is no growth, no conclusions, no compromise.

    You, sirra, are an idiot.

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    You blew a perfectly good response by namecalling. Come on, already.

  • You’re right. My appy-polly-loggies.

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