Adam and Steve are out of luck

… at least in Massachusetts, if they don’t reside there and wanna get married.

BOSTON (Reuters) – Gay couples from American states that ban same-sex marriages cannot legally be wed in Massachusetts where such unions are legal, the state’s highest court ruled on Thursday.

The ruling was made in response to a lawsuit filed by gay couples from Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, which prohibit same-sex marriage.

The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts made its ruling after Republican Gov. Mitt Romney had ordered local authorities to refuse applications to be wed in Massachusetts because they resided outside of the state.

Before you gape, aghast, at this silliness, the article goes on:

The case was focused on an obscure law passed in 1913 that bars out-of-state couples from marrying in Massachusetts if their own states fail to recognize the union.

A law no doubt meant to prevent those uppity black people from marrying white folks and causing an interstate ruckus.

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