Moe, Larry and Curly finally curbed

THE HAGUE (AFP) – Police in The Hague caught three drunk drivers all behind the wheel of the same car within hours of each other, police said in a statement.

The series started when a 40-year-old man was stopped in a routine traffic control Wednesday morning. He failed a breathalyser test and while police fined him, one of his passengers got behind the wheel and drove off.

The second driver was also stopped by police and failed the breathalyser test. He was given a fine and released.

Just two hours later police saw the same vehicle going past, this time with a third driver. After traffic officers stopped the car the third driver tried to get away on foot but was caught.

He, too, failed the breathalyser test. Because this third man’s drivers license had already been taken from him for earlier infractions, the car was finally seized, putting an end to the series of drunk drivers.

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