Stick a fork in this assclown, he’s done

A radio personality at 550 KTRS was fired on the spot this morning after using the word “coon” on the air in a conversation about Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Dave Lenihan was dismissed after what he called an inadvertent slip of the tongue. Within 20 minutes, station CEO Tim Dorsey apologized on the air to listeners and announced that Lenihan, who had been with the station for less than two weeks, had been let go.

“I don’t know what was in Mr. Lenihan’s (tiny) mind,” Dorsey said in an interview. “I know what I heard. I know it was reprehensible.”

Lenihan’s comment was made during a discussion about Rice’s credentials to become commissioner of the National Football League, a topic that has been fodder for sports talk radio since the current commissioner announced he would retire later this year.

I’m sorry, but in my 40-some odd years of life, I’ve never used the word “coon” to describe a person — in fact, it’s so totally foreign to me, that I’m aghast that anyone with any kind of public position would ever EVER do such a thing.

Talk about “shock and awe”. This asshat’s done for.

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