Secret Christians in Afghanistan

The recent story about the fellow in Afghanistan currently trying to avoid the death penalty for conversion under Sharia law has brought up more cases of “secret” conversions — people who have left Islam but have done so on the lamb to avoid the penalty of instantly being sent to Heaven by the religious police.

“I also spoke to a priest who had passed through Kabul and he said he was amazed that women sitting on the ground at the local market saw he was a foreigner and a Christian, by the cross he was wearing, and attracted his attention to them by making a sign of the cross with their fingers. He was convinced that they were trying to send him a coded message” said Eid, a Lebanese Maronite who lives in Italy.

This is fascinating stuff, and worthy of further exploration. I know some in the blogosphere are working to get the openly converted fellow freed — but more should be done to allow these others who have converted in secret to practice freedom of religion openly.

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