How spendy is a new chair, anyhow?

American-style tort-ure came to Britain with…

BRISTOL, England (AP) — A British teacher who says a noisy chair made classroom life a misery is suing her former employer for unfair dismissal.

Sue Storer, 48, told an employment tribunal Tuesday she was subjected to sexist and bullying behavior while working as deputy head teacher at Bedminster Down Secondary School in Bristol, southwest England.

Storer said the school failed to replace her chair, which made a “farting” noise whenever anyone sat on it, although other staff received new chairs.

She said the chair was a source of embarrassment, especially at parent-teacher evenings.

Her barrister, one Larry H. Parker, Esq., estimates that she will receive 350,000 pounds damages for the discrimination, and 34.50 for a new chair.

NB: My wife is a long-time teacher, and has bought a number of different chairs for her classroom. I don’t recall her even doing it because of a “farting noise”. Go figure.

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