Massive War Protests Flop Like a Dead Fish

This ain’t your daddy’s war protest movement. I guess not having the Draft makes a difference, eh?

By the time the war protesters began their march Saturday morning in Salt Lake City, only about 50 people had gathered. Their numbers had swelled to about 200 by noon – and that was with a little high-tech help from a marcher who text-messaged friends to join him.

The early low turnout was discouraging to some, such as Susan Westergard of Holladay.

“There’s just about more policemen here than people,” said the Democratic candidate for the Utah House of Representatives in District 40, nodding to the squadron of eight motorcycle officers parked alongside 400 South. “I guess the longer the war goes on, the more people accept it.”

The protesters, organized by the People for Peace and Justice of Utah, marched from Pioneer Park to a rally on the steps of the City-County Building, where they listened to songs, speeches and chants condemning the war.

It was a scene repeated across the United States and the world Saturday as thousands of demonstrators took to the streets to mark today’s third anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

The protests, like those held to mark each of the two previous anniversaries of the March 2003 invasion, were vigorous and peaceful but far smaller than the large-scale marches that preceded the war, despite polls showing lower public support for the war than in years past and anemic approval ratings for President Bush, himself a focus of many of the protesters.

Too bad, so sad. Earned media is so hard to get these days, huh?

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7 Responses to “Massive War Protests Flop Like a Dead Fish”

  • jb:

    Like all others defending it

    You simply lack enough knowledge of your own Contstitution and the responsibilities of Congress to understand that this is an unconstitutional war.

    Period. Rant all you like.

    Congress did not declare war constitutionally. Even if I agreed action against Iraq were the correct action, the war is unconstitutional, and you know it.

    The War Powers Act is a piece of crap–so please do not bring that up.

  • Rant? Who is ranting? And … did I say anything about a war? I believe I mentioned “war protests”.

    Regardless of how you feel about the situation in Iraq, it’s still a war. Now, no, we didn’t declare war on the NVA. We didn’t declare war on the North Korrheans, either. I don’t believe there was a declaration for the first “Gulf War”.

    But just because you don’t call something a “war” doesn’t mean it isn’t. And just because YOU say it’s unconstitutional, doesn’t mean it is.


  • “I guess the longer the war goes on, the more people accept it.” – Uhhh, that’s why every poll shows approval for it dropping huh? What a moron.

    jb, who were we going to declare war upon? Just Iraq? We would have to have a standing declaration agains Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Afghanistan, and Iraq to meet your standards now wouldn’t we? That’s where all of your “freedom fighters” are coming from. Stop huffing paint, you’ll be able to think more clearly.

  • Hey look you have your own moonbat now =p

  • I don’t have to feed it, do I?

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  • miguel2014:

    Protest happens once in a while most especially when ideas are not being met. – Dr. Hicham Riba

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