Slobo “cleanses” himself

Slobodan turns out to have offed himself, in an ill-fated bid to get some vacation time in Moscow. That’s about the most perfectly fitting thing that’s happened in international politics in a long damned time. What a dipstick — he probably would have gotten off with 5 years probation and having to register as a “genocidal maniac” after his release.


THE HAGUE (Reuters) – Slobodan Milosevic took drugs that worsened his health before dying in prison, a Dutch expert said on Monday, as the former Yugoslav president’s family tried to decide whether to bury him in Serbia or Russia.

Adding to controversy over Milosevic’s death just months before an expected verdict in his war crimes trial, Russia expressed its “distrust” of proceedings and pressed The Hague tribunal to allow its doctors to examine post mortem results.

Groningen University toxicologist Donald Uges told Reuters he thought Milosevic had knowingly taken harmful medicines to improve his case for going for medical treatment to Russia, where his wife, son and brother live.

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