So THAT’S what it takes to get an Oscar

I had no idea. Makes sense, actually, since it worked for Halle Barry…

Maybe when Lindsay Lohan accidentally flashed her breast on the red carpet at a recent event she was actually practicing to win an Oscar.

Lohan told Cosmopolitan magazine that she would do a nude scene if she knew she’d win an Oscar for the role.

She said that she’s already “OK with being topless in front of people.” (NB. We’re ok with it, too.)

As for her social life, Lohan said she has no boyfriend, but she does have “people who are fun to have crushes on.”

Lohan said loving someone is “groovy.”

The account doesn’t explain why anyone would give a crap about the conditions under which Lohan might take her top off on film; it also doesn’t address the glaringly obvious fact that this girl is a complete airhead.

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