The CF continues…

We have finally found the “Perfect Storm”, of sorts, to help the Democrats get some sort of traction in the coming midterm elections.

Republicans have jumped off the President’s wagon faster than ever expected, and the Administration is spending its time calling “racism” and “isolationism” more stridently than they villified the right-wing critics of the Myer’s nomination. Rather than gracefully accede to Congress looking into the matter, especially given that top Administration officials including the President were unaware that there even was an approval of the deal, they’ve gotten their back up with veto threats (yeah, right, the President who never saw a bill he couldn’t sign will suddenly veto a mere delay in inking a deal with a UAE company?)

To call the whole mess a clusterf*ck is a huge understatement.

But if anyone can grab defeat from the jaws of victory, it’s people like Hillary and Chuck. We’ll stay tuned.

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