Better lines were never drawn…

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  • Hey Tiberias:
    I assume when you print a cartoon like this that you think it’s stupid. It’s nicely drawn, but I think it’s extremely stupid. I’m just wondering if we think along the same lines.
    This cartoon pisses me off because it perfectly represents the common belief that Palestinians live for violence and hatred. But it doesn’t mock that ignorant belief, or even acknowledge it. Instead the cartoon revels in it and presents that belief as the foundation of truth that supports the “joke” here. It would only be funny to anyone who’s been brainwashed into hating and fearing all Palestinians. But it isn’t funny or clever, because it’s based on a false, propagandistic premise. Do we agree?
    Or did you put this cartoon here because you thnk the Palestinians were stupid for voting in the Hamas, and this cartoon then indicates THEIR stupidity, rather than the stupidity of the artist? I’ll check in later for your reply.
    Meanwhile, I did a review of your site – a positive review by the way – and found that I’m locked out of my blog. Apparently enough people went from that Israeli Cartoon site to my blog and hit that little “let us know if this blog is offensive” button, and now it’s locked up. I may or may not be able to get back in. All my materials are saved so I can reconstruct it elsewhere. Imagine. There’s absolutely nothing offensive on my blog. It could only receive a series of complaints from people who set out to cause a disturbance – not from anyone who actually was offended by reading it. So, clearly it was someone’s plan.
    It really proves some of the allegations that I made on that cartoon site in my posts. I can’t really be surprised – offended, yes – but not surprised. The wrath of Jacob cometh.

  • jkjk:

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