Face it, people : Life just sucks

More and more people are answering more and more surveys, and with the current lack of news, the media has decided that it all means that more and more Americans think life sucks.

Of course, they don’t reveal what percentage of the sample population queried were lefties, for whom life is an endless series of disasters since Johnson decided not to run for re-election around a million years ago.

This brilliant analysis, however, was included in the story:

The survey, part of a broader study of American society conducted by the university every two years, found that troubles were greatest among those with low income, poor education levels and among unmarried mothers.

They get PAID for this shi’ite?

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4 Responses to “Face it, people : Life just sucks”

  • With all the material out there, you may need to change your blog name to dumbshit of the nanosecond. ;-)

    Your post reminds me of the study that cost the Federal Government $250,000. The study? To discover why todlers fell off of tricycles. Hell, if they had asked me, I could have saved them $200,000.00 and quit working that year.

    Keep up the good work and, uh, dare I say it?HOOK ‘EM HORNS!

  • P.S., I see you’ve added me, I’ll return the favor in my New To The Blogroll section. Thanks.

  • Admin:

    Yeah, the blog was named after a stickied thread on a board I frequent; for years we kept adding to it, even though it start out as just a supposedly weekly thing — turns out there actually IS a blog called dumbass of the week that only posts one idiotic item per week — discovered after I bought this domain name — but he mostly just picks the hated liberal of the week whereas I’m a bit less discerning in who I call a dumbshit.


  • chantal2013:

    Facing the problems of life will not suck you as long as you are prepared to face it. –
    Feed the Children

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