Canadian Prime Minister Loses His Tiny Mind

America is the bad place. Not only do we grate at buying government-subsidized wood products, and balk at allowing free access to our borders for Muslim refugees granted free access to Canada, we are exporting gun violence to the poor bastards.

“What we saw yesterday is a stark reminder of the challenge that governments, police forces and communities face to ensure that Canadian cities do not descend into the kind of rampant gun violence we have seen elsewhere,” Martin said.

You see, over half of the guns in Canada, according to these asshats, are smuggled illegally from the US. What the PM fails to realize is that … well… they don’t make guns in peaceful Canada. Happily, however, they still make cars (well, a few anyhow) so the PM won’t be able to blame imported vehicles for all of the drunk driving deaths on Canada’s quality highways — that one he’ll have to own hisself.

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