Warm up the lawyers!

The newest wave of blame-America lawsuits started today, with the peoples of the Arctic (well, a couple of them who think they represent the Innuit people) going to court against the United States for the terrible things that are happening to them due to global warming.

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin added…

“High in the Arctic, in our interior and along our coasts, the country we know is being transformed,” he said.

“Winters are growing milder, summers hotter and more severe, there is plant life where before there was none; there is water where before there was ice.”

“Within short decades, the Northwest Passage, the famously un-navigable thoroughfare of history, may be passable — a striking and unsettling example of our delicate balance succumbing to untenable strain,” Martin added.

Obviously, since the polar ice-caps have melted, it’s much more difficult to live in the frozen north. After all, people used to thousands of years of hunting polar bears and eating blubber probably will have difficulty transitioning to warmer climates without the ravages of snow and ice — they may even someday have to deal with farming, driving cars instead of snowmobiles, and learn to actually live with the terrible reality of balmy temperatures.

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